Contact info for Gary Vig!

I need to contact Gary Vig but can't locate his number. Anyone who knows how to get ahold of Gary please call me @ 780-720-2411 or e-mail to


You've got mail uncle Gord.

gary vig is in ron beer's basement

accidental double post

Frank Colcher absorbs Ron Beer's chi through his stolen wrestling shoes and gimp mask.

Regardless of Ron Beer, Vig knows his shit!

frank colcher lives in barry mcdonalds ass

Thanks Gary!

I was involved with Shootwrestling Canada around 1998-2000. I have a few good things to say about it and few bad things to say about it.

...........Let's just say I'm very happy to be affiliated with Professor Behring now.

I'm also glad that I'm not being pimped out by Frank "I'll take of you baby" Colcher any longer. Sure he has a honeyed tongue but the man tells nothing but lies I tells ya.