Contact info for Round One in Lon.

Anyone have contact info for Round one kickboxing gym in London for kids.Times,cost or a website/email or phone number?

Round One Boxing and Kickboxing at 1010 Dundas St. London, Ontario N5W-3A3 ph 519-451-1BOX (1269)

Use google ya knuckle head.

Felix with the name calling.I will see you on the mats in June.

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If I was name calling I would have used something other than knuckle head lol. As for being your secretary you asked for info and I gave it to you, just being kind. As for the skirt and Felicia...I don't get it.

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Unless it was because of the secretary comment and secretarys where skirts...but if that's what you're getting at that was just weak :)

I do best as the underdog and I don't visit so you'll have to help me understand what you're getting at.

At Dundas and Eggerton.

Used to be Kelvin Proctor's Judo school and before that it was Kanzen Kenpo Karate where Joe Foster the owner was arrested for touching little boys.

hey enough with the Mattbattle jokes!