Contact info for Tra Telligman?

 Anyone in the MMA community have a contract for Tra Telligman? I am looking to do a "Where is he now?" profile on him for Sherdog. Thanks!

Tra Telligman died in the ring vs Tim Sylvia. After he was koed by a lethal kick to the head (and obviously dead afterwards), the UFC acted like nothing happened and the cameras didn’t even show Tra Telligman’s condition. The cameras were focusing on everything except Tra Telligman. We saw a quick shot of him being carried on a stretcher, and nobody ever saw him again since that time. When will the UFC admits what happened? They managed to sweep the incident under the rug and now they act like it never happened.

I want a proof of Tra Telligman being alive, or else I will continue to believe he was killed in the ring.

Tracy “The Freak” Telligman (usually known as “Tra” Telligman, pronounced /?tre?/ tray) (born February 7, 1965 in Dallas, Texas) is an American mixed martial artist who has fought both in Japan and the USA. He is best known for his bouts in the UFC.

 i can  prob find...msg me, thanks jp

that guy is old school NHB/Vale Tudo Phone Post

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 Thanks, Big Daddy. Sending you an email now!

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