Contact no. for Zuffa?

I am just finishing off a feature length doco about Renzo Gracie and his
family and I need to use a little of the early UFC footage. Does
anyone have a contact number for Zuffa, it is hard to find on the web,
so I can talk pricing with them.

Feel free to e-mail it if you don't want to post it,

Thanks in advance.

I think that only applies to news, I will look in to it. Does anyone have
the number anyways.


goto their website contact info or call Vegas info for Zuffa and see if
that works.

Amatuer Detective

Their is no contact number at their website, but the call 411 idea is

No Zuffa at 411. Really does no one here have a contact number, they
are the biggest promoter in the US. This is a genuine enquiry.

i am zuffa. what did you want to talk about now?

I will email you...Case Closed.


saucyluv33- Are you able to help me with the number as well? I need to talk with the company concerning my charity event for St. Judes.

I emailed Joe Silva and didnt get a response yet

I'm available for outcall.