Contact transducers anyone?

Does anyone here have experience with contact trandducers, piezo or otherwise? What model? Instrument? How mounted? Did you like the results? Do you use it alone or blend it?

Obviously I'm think'n of tinker'n.

I have installed dozens and dozens of Fishman,LR Baggs,K&K,Barcus Berry,Markley and other companies pickups on guitars basses,banjos,mannequins(don't ask).

I am about to put a new Feather pickup on a Gibson J-185. I'll let you know how it goes.

Haven't done the job yet,but what are you working on?

It'll be on my fretless ash body Carvin electric bass. With the neck pickup only, and plucking up on the neck, I get a mighty good upright (double bass) sound. Im looking for something that sounds even more acoustic...or more Jaco...or just different.

Whadda ya do, just squoosh it under the bridge, or test for a highly resonant body part?

Tried a dinky little Barcus-Berry once. Poor sound.

I know the KYDD (34" scale electric upright) uses the Fishman BP(?)-100, and that sounds mighty good.

Wonder what the NS double bass uses. THAT sounds phenomenal. But then that's a full double scale...

copy and paste that, go about halfway down the page, and you'll find bridge saddles that may fit your bridge with built in piezo transducers for about $110. Wire them to an onboard preamp with an EQ and you're good.


*Tips filthy old boonie hat*

Just FYI, I finished putting that McIntyre Feather pickup in a Gibson acoustic(J-185).
It sounds very nice, great string to string volume balance so far(a sore point for me on soundboard mounted pickups). As the manufacturer suggests, a preamp of some kind (LR Baggs,Fishman,etc.) onboard would improve the signal strength and really let this thing shine. I recommend it for acoustic guitars.