Contacts Thread

***FIELD: electrical engineer/software programmer, recently opened a bjj/mma school. If you have questions on the job market in tech. or if u r planning ot open a school, let me know.

You know, there is alot of good information here and good posters.

i think there should be a general CONTACTS page. List your name, contact email or phone number (if u dare lol) and what not, and most importantly, your field or fields of expertise.

Me: Kosta


BY THE WAY, POST YOUR FIELD OF EXPERTISE AT THE TOP of your POST. THat way it makes navigating easier.




P&L Financial

Help with your general accounting questions and such.

Management Consultant

Emphasis in the A/E/C Industry (Architectural, Engineering and Construction)

Business Development, Management, Operations, Project and Product Development, Business Partnering, Strategic Alliances, Consultative and Relationship Sales, Marketing & Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Research, Data Mining & Development and Training Seminars and Golf Lessons

Contact me via my website: or

Based in Atlanta, GA


Also, how about everyone adding what would be a good lead or prospect for them. If you are not responsible for revenue generation, then tell us what would be a good lead for your company. That way, you can take a lead to your sales team and maybe get a little spiff later if they land a contract.

For me, a good lead is anyone needing architectural or commercial contracting services or needs help in the business side of their business.

In the A/E/C industry, a lot of the businesses are quite artisan by nature. Architects are great at designing, contractors are great at building, subcontractors are great at installing...a lot them happen to be not as good at running a business.

I took your info down, I'm a signing agent, and I get asked constantly if i can help people out in that area. Any leads I get, I will email you the info.



email me:


I am a real estate agent who specializes in high end homes both resales and development as well as investment properties. I also can answer questions about commercial RE, leases, etc.

I am also starting a business that focuses on direct response marketing, focused on smaller businesses.

A good lead for me is either a developer/investor who wants to do high end properties exclusively, or a buyer/seller of such homes in the Boston area.

Also, anyone who is interested in learning more about guerilla marketing tactics and how they can benefit your business can shoot me an email at

Peace out!

Pretty much the same as Saint Joe, but I live in Canada.

I've also started/run/played with different businesses from: iron casting; to door to door pizza sales; to cedar roof restoration; to manufacturing metal boat parts; to real estate rental. I've probably played with about a dozen different business types and currently do accounting for about 400 small businesses.

Right now I'm finishing up the income tax season in Canada and learning the ins and outs of currency trading from money ground guys.

This spring I'm going to train in neurofeedback - "brain wave training", hopefully from Peter VanDusen in Miami, and I'm going to play with this on myself and friends and family, then look to see if I can turn a buck in private practice.