Contemplating my Afternoon Sweet-Treat

Rasky you hold strong buddy! Make sure she knows who wears the pants in the family.

But don’t tick her off so bad that she won’t do all the manual labor in and around the house!

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yeah, as a Gentleman of Leisure I can’t be expected to be doing manual labor around the house, it would ruin my soft and luxurious composition which I have spent so much time cultivating!

my current book read is “The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency” it talks a lot about the virtues of Good FAT Women!


My bad. I missread thread title as tea not treat.

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well, it’s time for me to go stare at my Sweet Treats to see if I can decide which one appeals to me and then I’ll make the espresso and after that enjoy reading that book about a Good FAT Woman while I have the espresso and sweet-treat!

Enjoy your treat Raskal.

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I found a half a pack of vanilla pudding mix in the pantry from a birthday cake the Mrs. just made a couple days ago.

That shit will be gone shortly.


Sprinkle it on her and lick it off.

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Oh fuck me I forgot to get whipped cream at the store.

a humorous sample from the afternoon book-reading:

"Alice Busang was ushered out of the agency still shouting her insults at Mma Ramotswe.

“you fat tart! You think you’re a detective! You’re just man hungry like all those bar girls! Don’t be taken everyone! This woman isn’t a detective. No.1 Husband Stealing Agency, that’s what this is!”

Happy birthday fuck face!

I went with the coconut-cookies yesterday…I think today it will be toast with the ORGANIC choco-hazelnut spread. It’s healthy because it’s ORGANIC :grin:

It’s been the 12 hours digestive time needed since my last meal so now I’m about to brew up that espresso and toast that bread!