Contender Asia episodes?

I was really enjoying this show, but got a little sidetracked and haven't been keeping up with the last few episodes. I've seen up to episode 6. Is there somewhere I can check out the ones I've missed?

Thanks for any help!

they are all up on mininova if you need to catch up, on episode 12 at the moment. great episode!

Thanks! Anywhere I can watch them online though? Like a dailymotion type site? I'm using a computer that won't let me use torrents n stuff and I don't have admins rights to change settings :/ sucks!

in the comments of each torrent, the guy put up a link to a sendspace upload you can download for each episode. they might not work now though, but give it a try? just search mininova

Thanks man! I'll give it a try


I'm going to see the finals ;)