Contender Asia *Spoiler*

I'm a big fan of JWP, but I think Dzabhar was ripped off with that decision. He definitely edged that win over John Wayne. JWP won a very close decision against Raffik, and I think that they wanted JWP/Yodsaenklai rematch from the get go IMO.

Anybody see it? Thoughts?


Sort of his fault for dancing in the 4th round in particular. He gave it up thinking he had it won.

And hey, he got a bad decision over the Brit, David, earlier despite being penalized a couple times for fouls.

Still, he's young (~21 or something no?) and certainly is up at a high level given that performance.

Who else has caught it?


I wanted JWP to win it but i thought dzahbar edged him out i have mixed feelings about this one i guess im happy they gave it to John wayne

Both fighters were cautious but I thought JWP won it mostly because he was the aggressor throughout. Dzabar simply didn't do enough.