Contenders Announcer...


Dude is yelling.

And he holds it way too long.

LOL Or come on and troll people who are better at life than he is.

you guys both owned eachother

he cant be talking about me.

Ive been on ESPN and Ive done 2 PPVs.

Im fucking famous, and a household name at that.

Just ask Nick Thompson.

Jake, i think you dropped something bro... oh yeah, it was Thompson's name, here ya go...

Don't feel bad, i do it all of the time... Gets me the best blow, the finest hookers and the best table at any chinese restaurant in the cities!


They need William Hung in there. He bangs.

lol @ by now.

Im 23 dickcheese.

who are you and what have you done?

Im god, I created earth.

he should take lessons from The Mouth.

LOL @ Calling me fat.

And why shouldnt I make posts looking for work. You act like I havent turned any shows down. You are wrong.

And bashing other announcers ? Hes fucking horrible. Just like if I think you suck, I'll tell you (which you infact do).

My job isnt to hold my tongue asshole, and Im entitled to my opinion, just because I announce too you think this is some cry for attention ? I am good at what I do, and anyone I currently work for will say the same.

I havent Welshed (Welch isnt a word idiot) on any bets either. Mikeblak got paid and I sent 25$ cash to Rick.

dude, no one gives a shit. this is mma, not boxing forum.

change your name to the mouth of the middleeast, that would the tightest.

I was think of moving to the gaza strip.

Heard theres gonna be a UFC show out there.


Mouth, you're fucking retarded man. UFC in the Gaza
Strip? yeah right.

everybody knows it's gonna be in the West Bank. get
your facts straight.

Fuck my bad timmy.

Im moving to The West Bank then.

Cant wait.

So excited.

If you wear your famous pink shirt they will leave you alone on the strip!...Thats just what I heard, its worth a try!!!

It was stolen by a ring girl while I was still asleep.

Worth what she paid me for it though... thats for sure.



Welsher One who lays a bet, but absconds if he loses. It means a Welshman, and is based upon the nursery rhyme, "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief.

Shut it pappy/.