Contract Groups

So I'm back from Iraq now since last fall. Almost up with my contract too. The job market doesn't really have much in the way of ex-grunt. I was doing good with the DEA application process. I had applied right when I got in, but I got a letter about a week ago saying I was dropped for not haveing a year of stateside LE work.

So I'm left with either boosting my GPA a little and try to hop in with the AF as an officer. Take a stab at being an Infantry officer, but this one kind of scares me about doing another year long tour. I can apply with the State Dept for DSS, or the Marshals but I heard neither of these guys are letting people in until the fall. The thing is to that I've heard from recurters for fed groups is that given the choice between cherry officers versus old enlisted guys that they'll take the officer everytime, unless the enlisted was in some spec ops.

Down to another option is takeing a run with a contract group. So let's here the names you guys know of. Actaully if you have any contact info that would really kick ass.Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated.