Control the Chaos - BJJ Tactics for Self Defense

If you are interested in BJJ for self defense you may want to check out my new video series.

It is running nearly 5 hours and covers BJJ for Self Defense:

Closing the Distance, Clinch and groundfighting.

Here a preview of Volume 1:

Here a preview of Volume 2:

Here a preview of Volume 3:

Here a preview of Volume 4:

You can buy at OnDemand exclusively on

It will also be available on DVD later this month:

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Budovideos did a Blog about my BJJ Self Defense ideas:

If you want download only you can download it even from my own website with a 40% Rabatt.

Just use the Code "BF2020" and you will save 40%

You can get it here:


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You can use our Christmas Rabatt Code and you will get 30% on this series (also on our Self Defense series). Just use the code: "XMAS2020" with your order. This apply only to our downloads.

You can find Control the Chaos here:

And our new series "Combative Breathing" here:

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