Control Your Bitch Shane

One of the most disrespected things in this world is a man who lets his big mouth bitch do his talking for him. Jin Mosely is back at boxingtalk, the site that has become the biggest rag on the web. Shane should be very embarrassed. I am embarrassed for him.

I saw that. I dont understand why he lets Jin do the talking for him. He is self-managed, but isnt he working with Gary Shaw? He said he was happy with Shaw's work for the De La Hoya fight.

Shane needs to quit letting his wife go on there and spout off for sure. It just looks trashy.

fuck his loud mouth bitch...someone let laila ali beat her ass

hater if she actually talked with some class I could deal with it but she is a condescending, insulting, smart mouthed old street whore. Shane got 3 million and drew less than 2500 people to the shannon taylor fight and it was the lowest rated HBO fight card in history and she is calling someone else criminal? Whatever skank. that bullshit event probably cost 3 or more young deserving fighters a shot on HBO.

I wonder what she thinks Vernon should get if Mosely ever fights him again? I think we all know Shane never will but if he did. Every single thing she said about Oscar can be said about Shane concerning Vernon only much more definitive. Noone thinks Shane won their rematch. Many people rthink Oscar won their's and I heard Ring magazine left oscar as 154 champ, whatever that is worth. probably not much.

It really is not what she says, but the way she does. She just seems like an old skank whore. Shane seems to be much to classy for a skank like that.

Rogie I wrote Ron Heard an email complaining to him about not covering the Don King settlement with Terry Norris (not one mention) and the first Jin Mosely interview that was much worse than this one. He wrote me back and said "I cannot argue with you at all about the perception of not covering the DK Torris story" and said Leon was too busy in Atlantic city covering the fight. He uinsinuated but never outright said they would cover it post fight. But Leon only covered one fight and had time to post an article about Floyd's new lawyer. On the Jin Mosely story he said he had gotten numerous letters complaining about Jin Mosely and that "it would never happen again. I consider it a lesson learned". I have the emails to prove it.

He ducked the DK story and puts a Jin mosely interview in less than a week from saying it would never happen again. Add that to their refusal to admit the blatant lie they printed a few months back about the Dec 4 Klitsko Lewis rematch "that was already signed" that even Fightnews called them on. The site has to start being seen for what it is. Tabloid journalism.

In regards to the first interview, I can understand her insulting Bernard and Vernon because they both instigated it(Vernon said something about Shane sending her over for some "good loving" in an attempt to get Shane angry and want to fight him while Ex said that she is the one wearing the pants-which might be true). My complaint to Leon was that we as boxing fans dont care what she has to say so why even give the broad an interview? I want to read news and interviews from fighters, managers, trainers, promoters, and others in the biz. I dont want to read an interview from Mosely's old lady. I asked him what was next, an interview with Oscar's gardener? He only wrote back and said "thanks for reading".

This interview further embarrases her, Shane, Jack, and the sport in general. If you are some kid just getting into the sport and you go and read that interview, you might be thinking what the hell is wrong with these people?

Ring Magazine just lost what little respect I had for it.

LOL at Ring Magazine if this is true. On TV it definitely looked like Oscar was winning, but from ringside it may have looked totally different to some. Kevin Iole of the LVRJ was watching in the press room and had it for Oscar while fellow Las Vegas scribe Dean Juipe was in press row and gave it to Shane.

Shady ass Ring Magazine for ya. Nigel Collins has the gall to talk shit about the sanctioning bodies then pull shit like this. Let us not forget about their little scandal with DK in the eighties.

The majority of the people thought Morales beat Barrera the second time but you didn't see "The Bible of Boxing" decide to recognize Morales as the champ. What a crock of shit.

No, guys. The Feb 2004 Ring Magazine (with Toney on the cover) has Mosley as its 154 Champion. The rankings are for the period ended October 7. Oscar is #1 CONTENDER, followed by Winky.

I think what Ring has done (or at least its intentions) is noble. However, to make it work they need to do two things:

1) Team up with ESPN/HBO (they've done this to an extent, as well as USA Today, in determining who the champions are, and call the consensus titlists 'Recognized World Champions'. An obscure magazine which doesn't have an online version and which only 30,000 people buy could never have enough clout. But agreement among the print media and networks that have a total readership/viewership of over 2 million people would cover all the bases and easily push this idea even further. If this were to be done ABC organizations would become obsolete IMO.

2) and most importantly, construct a better looking championship belt. The belt looks like something offered for finishing third in a fucking junior boxing tournament held at my Armory downtown. Why can't they develop a belt which actually has material value and looks more appealing to the eye? Ric Flair's old NWA belt has more allure!

That old NWA belt is the shit MM.

Glad to see the Ring got the ratings right this time.

Boxing Magazines are pretty much useless these days with such easy internet access available. Dan Rafael from USA Today is pretty well respected, i'd like to see a guy like that have a say on who's "the man" in each division.

I read (in Ring I certain) that even if they disagreed with a decision, that they would abide by the judges' decisions. Controversial decisions have long been a part of boxing, and to disregard them would cause much more trouble than it would be worth.

In the recent issue, one of their writers called Oscar "one of the greates 8 round fighters in history." Lmao! Oscar's "greatness" was also called into question, due to him never having definitively beaten another "top fighter" who was in/near his prime.

Instead, Oscar has lost or won these matches in extremely close "nip & tuck" affairs. Lotta truth in this opinion fellas.

My thoughts on Jin's interview:

I think that Clemson hit it bang on with "if she actually talked with some class I could deal with it"

I'd have no problem with my girl doing an interview and supporting me, in fact i'd be truly happy to get that support, but man does she sound trashy. Its not embarassing that she is giving her piece, its embarassing how she presents it. She sounds like a 17 yr old male much for being a lady...

this dumb loud mouth trash talking bitch needs to get smacked up like the ho she be.....someone smack this bitch and tell shane to get some balls and stop lettin his bitch talk so fuckin much. yes shane is tough in the ring but as a husband and a man...well hes appearing pretty fucking lacking in the testicle department......pussy...