"Then he said to them, The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." ( Mark, 2:27 )

In this evangelical passage, Saturday symbolizes the organized conventions for the service of mankind. For these conventions, there are individuals that sacrifice all possibilities for spiritual elevation. Just as certain public service employees postpone indefinitely certain providences of interest to all, by virtue of the absence of a minor stamp, there are persons that because of trifles abandon great opportunities of uniting with the superior spheres.

No one ignores the usefulness of convention. If they were totally useless the Father would not permit their existence in the scheme of things. They are tables that assist in classifying the efforts of each one of us, schedules that regulate the allotted time to this or that matter. However, transforming their use in conflicting precepts or in an obstacle that cannot be transposed, constitute a grave danger to the common tranquility.

The majority of people respect them prior to their own obedience to God; nevertheless, the Almighty designated all the organizations in life to be for the purpose of aiding in the evolvement and perfection of His children.

The Planet itself was created because of mankind.

If the Creater went to such extreme lengths on behalf of His children, why do we resist in satisfying the divine designs while attaching ourselves to the inferior preoccupations of earthly activities?

Conventions can define, catalog, specify, and enumerate, but they should not tyrannize the existence. Remember they were put in your path to be of assistance to you. Respect them in a constructive justifiable way; but do not convert them into a cell.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel / Francisco C Xavier