Converting vob to mpeg

I have a vob file I want to convert to mpeg and I've tried a few things but had a problem with each one.

First I tried just changing the extension (.vob to .mpg) but the resulting file was only 19 seconds of a 45 minute video.

Then I tried a couple freeware programs, chopperxp and mpeg2cut. I opened the vob file and saved it as an mpg. Same problem. Also, the 19 second long files are like 220MB. Someone on a forum somewhere said there were settings you could change to fix this (setting video and audio to "direct stream copy") but I couldn't find these options anywhere in the menus for either program.


nevermind, it's all good now.

 What did you do?

Yeah let us know what you did to solve it in case someone else asks a similar question