Convince me not to kill myself

That’s awesome!

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Good job Tex.

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Hey dude. Im in Texas and by your screen name you are also. Maybe we can hang out and shoot the shit someday and talk shit about the posters here.


Unfortunately I am not located in Texas anymore.
But thank you for the offer. Eh I lurk here and there throughout the day but I’m not really that familiar with everyone. I know of some of the main contributers I’m mostly on the ongoing horror thread. I think I could only talk shit about spjackson cause nytron showed my some kindness here. Oh and Pedro whatever his name is. Still don’t know if those guys are just trolls. I see their posts and just don’t get why they come here lol.

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Where you located buddy?

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Then there’s that ONE GUY forget HIS name who trolls or is RETARDED that types like THIS.


They come here because the forum is extremely right leaning and we talk about politics often so they have a lot of opportunity to troll.

That’s theraskel. He’s a raskel.

Call me and talk about who are trolls or not

Raskel .we all hate him.


See the meaning of troll, there are a few but what I was referring to is just fucking with everyone, like they don’t actually believe the shit. Is that the case? If so wtf is going on in their lives to make them waste so much time. Like what do they do all day? I forget to reply to people all the time on here even if I’m interested in the topic lol I just wanna understand

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Can’t right now but I will. Pm the #

No matter how bad it gets, at least you aren’t that guy.

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True fuckin that

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My Pm doesn’t go through. TxToast.

hahahah. This has me laughing !


Monkeypox patient zero


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He’s harmless and I think deep down a good person, just playing a schtick

That’s funny TxToast.

^^^^^. Yea man he can be funny.

Is funny. Seems to have turned it up a notch or ten the last couple of years.

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