Cook Out is vastly superior to In-N-Out Burger

Lmao, I was semi-trolling there, didn’t expect that vitriol and rage. I gave you a thumbs up, because I can appreciate burger passion.

When I lived in California, I preferred Fatburger to In-N-Out.

Eat McDonalds you hipster zionist faggots

Nope. No one gives a fuck.

Whataburger is glorified Mcdonalds. Fuck that place.

Hell of a lot better burgers than McDs and BK.

gary coleman wtf GIF

Absolute overrated trash. Hardly better than Mcdonalds at best.

it makes in and out look like low grade dog food.

Lol at whataburger. Wow, you slapped some a1 on your burger, amazing. Figures Texas wouuld be impressed by a1

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Only if you’re retarded. Stick to your Mcdonalds knockoff.

A1? ain’t no A1 on those burgers bruv.

Isn’t one of their featured burgers with A1 on it? I thought I remembered that being a thing

That’s 5guys where you can do that. Whataburger is just meh.

maybe a special, but not on any of their originals. whataburger is classic mustard, pickle, diced white onion, tomato and lettuce.

pffft. every burger - MADE TO ORDER.

best burger chain in the country. not. even. close.

Had it. Multiple Times. Fucking trash.

your horse is in-n-out?

Whataburger has a fish shandwich on their menu. Again, the bigger the menu, the shittier the food. Who do I trust more to make a good burger, the place that has 37 different items including a fish sandwich and breakfast burritos? Or the place that has literally 2 options, a hamburger or a cheeseburger. Tough one….


Fuck that. In Out is barely better than McDonald’s.