Cooked some Korean this Weekend

Sorry, no pics - having heard the virtues of Korean cuisine and lacking nearby restaurants, I took it upon myself to make som Kalbi and Sokkori Jchim (oxtail stew). I had to improvise with  the kalbi, since  I couldn't find the proper cut - I had to use standard short ribs, and I butterflied the meat to make a thin steak of meat attached to the rib bone. The oxtail stunk up my kitchen, but was pretty good given the lack of ingredients and it being my first time trying oxtail. I don't think I'd make this again, since oxtails are A.) the same price as good steaks, and B.) I could only find them in supermarkets surrounding ethnic area (aka the ghetto).

The kalbi came out pretty damn good, but the surprising thing I liked the most was the kimchee I got from the Asian market - that shit is awesome. I like how the spicy/slightly sour combination cuts through the heavy flavor of the beef. I've still got a big jar of kimchee - what else can I do with it, other than eat it out of the jar?

kimchi jigae, imo.

Try Kalbi Jchim. Delicious.

I would love to try some Korean dishes!!

If anybody has a recipe for spicy soft tofu soup please share.

i was gonna try to make some tofu soup on sunday but plans got delayed. I'll give it a go this weekend and post the results.

In the mean time, i too would like to see any recipes that people have...

Heres my estimation, came pretty damn close...

8 cups of chicken broth

2 lbs soft tofu

1/4 pound enoki mushrooms

1/2 lb fresh shiitake mushrooms

4 heaping tablespoons of chili garlic paste (this is pretty spicy and could be scaled down)

and i served it with an egg cracked in it and a side of steamed jasmine rice.

tofu sucks

how did u cook it? Add everything and boil the shit out of it?

chris i hate tofu but love this soup.

shibby, i started the mushrooms out in the broth and when they were cooked i added the tofu which i broke up with a fork and let that simmer for about 20 min then i added the chili paste and cranked it up until it boiled and then served right away.

Just buy miso soup base paste to make the soup broth, and add tofu and whatever else you like.