cooked up conspiracy theory

  just for fun.  This of course isn't true and I just thought of it when I was watching the new Austin set which is a must see.......................

So Bret isn't liking how the fans are reacting to Austin becomming more popular and his overall job in WWF.  Him and Owen work out a plan to take out Austin for good.  Owen gives Steve that piledriver in which he was trying to end his career.  Put him away for good. 

This of course doesn't work.  Aurstin gets in Vince's ear and helps cook up the Montral screw job.  This fucks Bret over.

Also, Owen had asked to be released from WWF and it wasn't granted.  Steve is the one who messed up the wiring harness causing Owen to fall to his death, but there is no proof.  WWF just settles out of court.

Maybe I shouldn't drink so much captain and diet late at night when watching these


 Sounds plausible...

Austin never did get over the botched piledriver from SummerSlam 97. 

 he was the only person who didn't show at Owen's funeral.  He was probably vommiting and in a cold sweat.


It is surprising that Owen fucked up such a simple move.

I also can't recall seeing Owen or anyone else ever do a jumping tombstone piledriver in the WWF.

You may be on to something here Art. I'd watch my back if I were you.

didn't Austin break some guys neck in Japan with a piledriver?

How you suppose to do that move without fucking some 1 up or on a sofa lol Phone Post