Cooking experts: Good nonstick pan?

I’ve always thought of nonsticks as disposable & acted accordingly, replacing them every couple years when they start getting impossible to clean without abrasives. What’s the entry level on pro gear? Something workhorse that won’t break the bank for those who don’t happen to be Michelin starred.

Probably worth noting here that I don’t do much cooking with oils anymore.

Please don’t redirect me to cast iron or some other not nonstick product; I’m already all set on those fronts.

I have been using these.

They last me a couple years.  I don't think any non-stick pan is meant to last a long time.

Same.  I’m in the market for a couple new pans. 

Cast iron and keep it seasoned 

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You contradict yourself OP. You say you want a long lasting nonstick pan, but then say you have enough cast iron. The best long lasting nonstick pans are enameled cast iron. 

Cast iron is the way to go unless you have queer electric burners. You should be cooking on fire, not heat. If you aren't then you obviously don't care about food or the people you claim to love. 


Cast iron and keep it seasoned.

Le Creuset enamelled cast iron

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Just buy the mid-priced ones and replace every year or two. 

A properly seasoned cast iron pan is the most non-stick pan there is.  Even high end traditional non-stick pans (eg All-Clad) will lose their Teflon after a couple years.  Check out Field Co. cast iron.  They come pre-seasoned so really all you have to do is start cooking.  


If you for some reason really don’t want cast iron, check out Hexclad.  I saw a Facebook ad for them and bought one on a whim and it’s great.  


TLDR: there’s no reason to buy traditional non-stick.  

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Kinda expensive for one pan / skillet, but this is the best I’ve ever used - even better than my 30-year old, well-season lodge cast iron skillet. It’s $99 from Sur le Table: SCANPAN CS+ SKILLET, 11".

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Sirdrinksalot16 - Kinda expensive for one pan / skillet, but this is the best I've ever used - even better than my 30-year old, well-season lodge cast iron skillet. It's $99 from Sur le Table: SCANPAN CS+ SKILLET, 11".

Just spent a bunch of time reading about Scanpan.  They sound legit.  


About two years ago we replaced a set of All-Clad nonstick with a set of All-Clad stainless.  I like that they’re not covered in Teflon, but man they’re a pain in the ass to clean.  


I bought a Hexclad pan about a year ago because I was so tired of using stainless for everything.  I liked it so much I bought another.  Nonstick but no Teflon, dishwasher safe, metal utensil friendly.  You can actually use steel wool to clean them with no problem.  They sound very similar to scanpan.  My only regret is they have never made a big sauté pan I can buy to replace my all clad with.

Coincidentally SLT is having a massive sale on scanpan right now and they make a big sauté pan so I might grab one.  

I used a cast iron pan for years and took EXCELLENT care of it. But that was getting old when I would use it 4+ days a week. Also used stainless sometimes too

ive had a celphalon brand non stick pan now for a couple months and I would NEVER go back to cast iron , no thanks. This pan perfroms amazingly and I couldn’t get something to stick to it even if I tried. Cleans in about 10 seconds vs  the process of taking care of the cast iron properly

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Non stick makes your dick small 

Just get a non-teflon one. (One without POFA)

I like the ceramic ones.

I've been using a Le Creuset nonstick.  I replaced it with the same model after about 10 hard years of use.  I also have a few Zwilling nonstick which are a few years old and like new.  200 CDN for the Le Creuset and 100 for the Zwilling. 

Use low temperatures.

Use only silicone utensils.

Don't let things burn.

Don't do too many batches of anything like pancakes or grilled cheese.

The good ones can last a while.  

Cast iron, keep it seasoned

Mako_ - Le Creuset enamelled cast iron


I bought that granite pan they sell online. Swear to god it works incredibly