Cooking ribeye steaks in glass jars

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James Franco Reaction GIF

Looks good.

I’ll pass on the overcooked pasta with sugar though.

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Looks pretty good actually.

That gif. I was nauseous today to begin with, my stomach is all fucked up, had some major surgery on it a few years ago. I get nausea, have it bad right now. That fucking gif is setting me off… I’m not going to puke but there were waves there for a few mins.

This place kills me sometimes. I don’t think I’ll count it as time wasted when ever my time comes though. The og has given me additional insight into the world.


Nice and peaceful. Hope thats me someday.

Dont give smiff any ideas.


@ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff is going to be force feeding his dogs jar steak any day now.


Cooking steaks in a glass jar? Yeah guess you could… of course I could stick my cock in a pumpkin and make sweet love to it but I’m not gonna do that either.


Like making beef stew with a steak.

That’s the latest dance craze known as “The Shakira Dump.” It will completely replace twerking.

Yea that’s the same thing as pressure cooking it

Looks kind of like a low tech sous vide approach, though I suspect it’s closer to a braise/stew because the temp control over the fire wouldn’t be great.

Not sure you’d need to start with rib eye for this technique.

I prefer to boil my steaks in milk and jelly beans.

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its always sunny in philadelphia GIF

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No Maillard crust? No thanks. When I cook using sous vide I still sear afterwards to get that Maillard effect.

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I don’t know anything about the Maillard crust. However, is it considered to be the “Maillard crust” whether you do it before or after? Is that kind of like a reverse-sear?

I will fucking fight you.