Cooking spices

What are some spices you guys keep in your kitchen that are essential?
I’m trying to diversify what i keep on hand, my collection is pretty basic.
So let’s hear some recommendations.
I something for everything, from pasta to fish, beef, chicken, etc



If you’ve got anything from Montreal my best tip would be to launch that fucker at the moon.


I like using fresh herbs so don’t keep much dry ones


Mostly I use:
Garlic Pepper
Lawry’s season salt
Garlic salt
GREEK SEASONING - this is the wow factor, it’s a yellow canister with a little Greek dude on it grilling. Pick one up
Crushed red pepper
Cayenne pepper
Curry powder


On top of the standards we use cinnamon, paprika, cumin, sumac, turmeric, fennel, and saffron.

Herbs we grow fresh are just cilantro, basil, mint, rosemary, and tarragon.

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Just look at recipes you want to cook and then look at a few recipes online to see what spices they require. Slow cooker Italian beef is a good one to look at. This will build your pantry.

For Chinese cooking - ginger, garlic, fish oil, oyster sauce, whole dried hot peppers, sesame oil, mushroom soy sauce for just about any dish, and five spice powder for pork on top of all that.

Thai - most of what the Chinese calls for, plus lemon grass, galangal, basil, kaffir lime leaves

Steak - coarse salt and fresh ground pepper

If you use: coriander (cilantro leaves + seeds), cumin, or turmeric often, you should really look for an Indian/Pakistani food store. They sell packages of those spices at prices far below typical suburban grocery store prices.

I also buy black mustard seeds, ginger, ginger-garlic paste, cinnamon, and other things I can’t remember at the moment. If you want to cook specific Indian dishes they have pre-made spice packets for all the main dishes, too.


This is my favorite. On pork chops, chicken, pasta, sprinkle some on pizza.


I would say start by buying spices that your recipes call for. Over time, you’ll accumulate all the spices you need.

For now just remember that table salt is for boiling water only. Never put it on your food. Use sea salt.

Also, use pepper from a mill.


This man gets it.

I also have three different types of oregano alone. Greek, Italian, Mexican.

Juniper is also great with red meat especially venison, and even pork.

Harissa is awesome and super easy to make.

Cardamom is another essential Indian spice.

Fresh milled pepper.
White pepper
Lemon-garlic powder
Stonemill (cheap Aldi product) Umami seasoning.

More technique then a variety of spices;

I think a very over looked technique is to toast certain spices in what ever pan you plan on using to cook your food in. Toast your dry spices and toss in a little olive oil then cook your food.

If you are cooking meat. Let it get to about room temp. Cold meat doesnt absorb flavor as well not to mention your meat will “sweat” if cold watering doen the potency of any spices. Meat sweats are real my friend.

Louisiana people love Tony Chachere’s. It’s a nice catch all seasoning, similar to the Greek seasoning above.


:arrow_up: This goes in at least half of what I cook.

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Sea salt and black pepper