Cool and easy way to learn songs..

Some of you guys might already know about GuitarVision but i signed up for it a few days ago and It's very cool. You can download a demo of it here:

It's a computer program that makes it real easy to learn popular songs, scales...etc. Its like a guitar lesson of your favorite songs on your PC..

I learned guitar in the mid to late 80s so the riffs i learned back then are mostly judas priest and iron maiden influenced. now that i am a bit older i really appreciate classic rock, acoustic...etc. im REALLY getting into the Beatles. i have a pretty good ear but this thing is really helping me with this genre a lot.

Its $4.95 a song but you get a email gift certificate equivalent to the amount you paid so its really $2.49 a song. Considering the price of private guitar lessons this is pretty cheap.

By the way i tried learning tabs and i hated it. Its just not for me.

guitarpro is much better. - the songs are all free to d/l

i checked out the guitar pro website. it looks like a program for tab. if you read my post, i really dont like tab. if youre into tab i bet its a really good program.

guitarvision is different. its like a teacher is showing you the song.

I like guitar pro and tabledit because they are free and there are tons of songs for them.

Also check out guitar pro 4, its pretty good and there are 'evaluation' versions available on kazaa and the like. I really haven't used if very often as I prefer to try and figure out stuff by ear, but its a decent program.