Cool BJ Penn Story

I just wanted to share my experience meeting BJ Penn. I was on the Big
Island a couple months after he defeated Matt Hughes. My girlfriend and
I were driving through Hilo and saw his gym. We stopped by just to see
where he trained at. It was around 11 in the morning so no one was there
training. While I was walking around the gym the receptionist asked if I
would like to meet him, so of course I said yes. She called him at home
and he drove down to the gym to meet us. He signed a couple of UFC
posters advertising his fight with Matt Hughes. He talked to us for about
twenty minutes about training, the UFC, and other things. I was really
impressed that he came from his house just to meet one of his fans.

After that I will be a BJ Penn fan for life. A lot of people here like to hate
on him for some reason, I just thought I would let people know how he
treats his fans. Aloha.

Awesome story.

Very cool if true.

I am a BJ Penn fan for life and this story does not surprise me. THe guy is cool to his fans and he fights pretty much takes fights that are gonna challenge him. True Warrior

The Calf Cruncher


thats what I like about the guy, he keeps it real.

hilo and puna rock , as will penn unto hughs....again...

... and then we held hands and walked along the beach.

It was like a dream come true.

I gave him my number. Do you think he will call me?

Thats cool.... big fan of BJ Penn.. all the way out here in Australia. Hope one day he comes out here to do a seminar or promotion. Trying to plan a trip to the U.S and catch a UFC (vegas of course...women ..gambling ..women)....and try to get to a show with the fighters i rate especially BJ Penn.

Thats how Baby Jay do.....

TTT for BJ!!!

BJ was cool as hell. I also went another time to train at his school. BJ
wasn't there because he was surfing on Oahu, but JD and his Reagan were
there. Reagan just had his ACL surgery a couple weeks before so he
couldn't roll. But he stayed, put on a gi jacket, and showed me some
techniques. I got to roll with JD, and they never even charged me to train
with them. They sat and talked with me after training, even told me
about breeding their dogs, (they breed shar peis, for all the fact checkers
out there). From my experience, the entire Penn family, were very friendly
and really enjoy fans of the sport. (And fokaisoldier, I'm looking you up
at the next Icon event, I want to get my Mayhem number in person.)

Its simple its called: "ALOHA"!!

I was in Long Beach a couple years ago to watch the ADCC.

I was standing a few feet away from JD PENN when this guy asks me to take a Pic of him and "BJ".

I tell the guy that it's not BJ, but his brother JD.

The guy called me a liar and stormed off.

LOL!! What a memory.

FYI...JD is cool as hell too.

Bj is about the coolest MMA star there is. Awesome on the mat and humble as hell. Nova Uniao all the way baby!!!

fokai-where are you watching Hughes/Penn II? I would love to get
together with some fellow UGers and watch the hometown boy represent.

I'm not sure yet. I'm not mentally capable of planning that far ahead.

I'll hollah at you in about 3 weeks fo sho.

Unfortunately I do not possess the mental ability to plan that far into the
future either. I was hoping someone else had the power. Nevertheless,
let me know, I will definitely be ready to watch Baby Jay, do his thing.

WE're UG-ers.

we have 10inch cocks, drive sports cars, and only date famous models.

how does anyone expect us to plan for something one month away?


Wow fokai, you know so much about me. I feel like we have known each
other for years.