Cool BJ Penn Story

eastside grill for da locals to watch ufc.

Thanks Mark. wait..that was an invitation right?

do I have to bring my wife?

oh, yeah...Ssshhhhh!!!

Got it.

FCTV808: On University Ave. right? I'll be sure to be there. Is there a
place for me to park my Porsche and my 10 inch cock?

Use the valet parking. It'll be a guy in a red vest, who coincidentaly looks like me.

gets ready to steal a Porche


I'll relay the message to my 12 inch cock (it has grown in the last few
mintues), since he'll be the one driving. He'll be wearing a tank top, a
short swim suit, and a fanny pack, he's quite the tourist.


Great story.........

Definetely seems like a cool guy

Dont like the guy but fair play to him for driving from his gaff to meet a fan!! I now think he is a dick-head as opposed to a complete and utter dickhead!!

Too bad not all people in the business can be like BJ! Awesome experience!

cool story


He's definatley a cool guy. Always very nice, polite and humble.

Thats pretty cool to hear

Classsy guy,