cool! bjj and the u.s. army

who is the official jiu jitsu teacher to the army?

great plug for training w/ the gi: if two soldiers go hand-to-hand, they're more likely to be dressed like this than in speedos.

That is SFC Matt Larsen and he is in charge of the NEW Army Combatives program that incorporates aspects of BJJ, Thai Boxing, Dog Brothers type stick and knife, and Western Wrestling. They have already had the Army Mixed Martial Arts Competitions going on at certain locations. It is Matt's desire that every post have divisional championships that would resemble old style pancrase matches.


where did sfc matt larsen study bjj?

Finally, the military has some real H2H killer shit.

looks like the army tries to copy the marines again.

I remember seeing a documentary a few years ago showing the Army Rangers traing BJJ. Royce Gracie actually went to their camp and held a seminar.

Rorion and Royce trained a bunch of speical forces groups

Muscles Are Required Intelligence NOT expected.


Marine = My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment. I prefer the army to the Navy's sister service.

The Marines study TKD.

It is a fact.

Tha Army combatives manual is 90% BJJ.

As of acouple of years ago, the new Marine h2h shit had incorporated bjj style moves in it and such. i don't ever remember doing any TKD-style stuff the whole 5 years i was in. i do remeber doing some judo-style takedowns though.

When it comes to picking one service over the other, the Marines are the shit when it comes to the "pussy-pull" factor. Ask any girl in North America what service has the best "dress uniform". The laidies just go nuts for the red stripe down the sides of our pants and our big swords.

back in hawaii they have a legit BJJ instructor you trained and earned his blkblet under the gracies back in brazil...he's a cool guy..he does the Train the trainer training on post and also has classes 3-4 x a week...