Cool fighting haircut

Looking to get a cool cut with some kind of pattern or something in it. Anyone know of a place in NJ/NY they could recommend?

get a swear word shaved into the side!

Astor Place in Brooklyn. Astor Place is a famous haircutting place in Brooklyn they do all that crazy shyte. Haven't been there in years give 'em call first. Nice place.

Get the "Boz" mullet with the shaved sides.


get a pic of a loaf of bread carved into your skull!

then you can walk aroung asking for your bread!


Harrison/NJ-Rey Palace. Ask for Josef, he's a Royler purple belt and has crazy design skills

gotta throw up now...

*flushes toilet


Okay Ladies, that's enough! If you must discuss hair styles and fashion, please do so on the OG.



Harold Howard circa ufc 3, nuf said.

I like Jens's doo from the Gomi fight.

Just train hard for your fight and forget the haircut.