Cool inexpensive wedding ideas??

I have a 7 acre farm, will be like 30-40 people there. Phone Post 3.0

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Tell them the wedding is right through a doorway where there's a hole in the ground on the other side- They fall down a chute into a wood chipper and you sprinkle the remains over your 7 acres as fertilizer.

Not only is it inexpensive and original but you guys will be famous.

i thought you were loaded or do you just not want to spend a ton on a wedding since this will more than likely not be your last?

AlchemyIronworks - I have a 7 acre farm, will be like 30-40 people there. Phone Post 3.0
Head of kale. It's all the rage. Phone Post 3.0

With 30-40 people there, you must know them all. So skip the DJ and make your own mp3 playlist with some of what everyone likes. Assign a friend to play specific songs for certain moments. Spotify/iTunes/Pandora/whatever can handle requests you didn't anticipate.

Look for non-traditional (non-wedding industrial complex) caterers.

Decorate the area yourselves. Wild flowers? Ask kids in the family to help?

Take your honeymoon in a place that's nearby, but not somewhere you'd normally go. If you're lucky you'll spend most of the time fucking anyway, so why go somewhere distant and expensive? Plus, if it's not too far you can relive it on anniversaries. Phone Post 3.0

See thread titled "A Juggalo Wedding" Phone Post 3.0

Before you plan anything you need to decide the amount you want to spend and go from there.. Phone Post 3.0

WTF, pics of the lucky fella?!?! Phone Post 3.0

My wife had some great ideas for our wedding and I was more than happy to take a back seat.

She bought loads of vintage looking glass jars and filled them full of bulk bought sweets for a home made pick n mix station. It was more for the kids but the adults ended up going crazy for it. Seems sugar is just like crack for most people.

If you have a big farm why don't you do a spit roasted pig for food. Looks great, smells great and tastes better. Phone Post 3.0

Try to do everything yourself, paying other people costs money. We're paying $10k for a $20k wedding by doing a lot ourselves. Phone Post 3.0