Cool Judo Stories....?

It's been awhile since this type of thread has been come on folks....share 'em. share your great judo stories:

about influence or philosophy?
about techniques or teaching?
about teachers or fighters?
about in the street or self-defense (the juicy stuff...hehehehehe)?

I look forward to some good reading....


Here's a true and funny ancedote. Happened more years ago than I care to say.

Two young kids are in a local tournament. The match goes to the ground, and nothing is happening. The referee calls matte. The kid keeps going. He calls matte again, kid still keeps going. Finally he yells "MATTE!. Grabs the kid and stands him up.

He lines them back up, and turns to the kid in a loud voice and says "I called matte 3 times. Don't you understand English?"


Hi judoguy.

Just for information, matte is actually a Canadian word and used a lot.

Like: "take off your shoes before you walk on the mat aye?"


Not sure if this is true and may well be an urban legend. The story was going around a few years ago and may have even been posted here sometime in the past

It was before the blue gi when all competitors wore white gi's.

Irish fighter has the back of his opponent who is turtling, and is attempting a collar choke. It's not working.

He quickly drives his other arm underneath his oppenents arm so his hand is sticking out over his opponents forearm in front of his opponents face and taps furiously on the mat. Referee immediately calls IPPON for the irish fighter.

Irishman gets up with a big grin on his face and opponent gets up with a a big WTF look on his. Everyone has a laugh.



The "Irish" trick is great. I may have to try that sometime!

so... i was cutting down for -65kg way back in the day.
the girl i was dating at the time was having a rough go of things (school, parents, whatever) and she came to judo practice. It just so happened that it was Rosh Hashana (yes, i went to judo anyways but not my classes) and I was going to temple after judo.

anyways, she was in the hallway outside practice balling her eyes out. everybody told me to go talk to her and i refused. they said i was being a jackass, though wat else was new??? anyways, i went to the door and asked her what she was doing.. she gave me some sob answer and i told her i didnt have time for this shit. she cried some more and i told her that our relationship was over. she cried some more. i, however, had a great practice.

after judo i went to get dressed for temple and she had the gall to wait around to talk to me. so, once again, in front of the entire team, i told her that we were breaking up and that she shouldnt bother me with her troubles anymore.

to this day, as far as i am aware i am the only person in the 60 year history of SJSU Judo to actually dump a girl during judo practice.


should have launched her.

guy gets choked out with hadaka jime, ref doesn't notice in time. opponent switches to juji gatame and breaks the choked out guy's arm. poor guy wakes up screaming.

those are some goodies.....

keep' em coming....



should have launched her

Josh was just bitchy because he was cutting weight at the time.

I thought Rosh Hashana was the girl's name but what do I know. Sounded like an exotic middle-eastern student.


soj, yes i was grumpy.


damn josh, ur a mean mofo aren't ya..... hahahahahahaha.... I like it


I have heard that story from the Irishman himself! I can't remember whether i posted it here or not.

The fellas name is Pat Mohan, he was my first judo coach. From memory he said it was at the European Champs and the guy who was victim went balistic. He said he tried it again, but word had got around.

Thanks Normal. Nice to know the story is true.

In high school, George Uchida going off on the females on our team for not showering.After a 10 minute rant he finished with, (direct quote),"Stick you hands down your pants and smell them! You stink!"

I will not get into the gory details but when I was still in Baton Rouge (LSU) over a decade ago our team traveled to Texas for Bobby Perez's event. Great tournament.

Anyway, we were staying at a hotel and got a call from one of our gutys who had gone missing. He said that he was downstairs at our hotel in another room. When we went to meet him, turned out that there was some weird knights in armor reinactment group that was having an orgy in there room. My then ulra-right wing conservative girlfriend walked in first. There were two girls and three guys all nude talking about their group.

GF was so taken aback by the whole thing that she just polietly offered a handshack to all the naked people and sat down and pretended like there was nothing out of place. God I still laugh out loud thinking about that. We drank and hung out for about 10 minutes then excused ourselves. I think I went 1-2 the next day.

Did I mention we have this on video?


The next week JudoMonk sent off a letter to Real Judo that began:

Dear Real Judo,

I never thought this would happen to me.....

ron. i was just thinking about you.

saw mark homminick on a ufc fight night.

never forgot how he'd hit you with 8 punch combos.