Cool match


Love how Shaolin used the half-guard to set up the single-leg (unless it's a HG sweep I've never seen before haha).

Leo is just amazing to watch, in my opinion he's the best representative of true jiujitsu, he constantly goes for the finish, has strong takedowns and takedown defense, fluid guard passes and crushing top control (sees the need to stay on top, and therefore focuses on sweeps when he's on his guard). You can tell he's fighting to win, unlike many matches nowadays where people are satisfied by just riding out a win with an single advantage.

The guy in the white gi had very good judo throws esp his uchimata ( the annoucer mentioned) after the leg grab by blue. He also did a sum gaeshi. Very quick. The guy in the blue gi for some reason did't know what to do after he got the leg grab. Very impressed with the quickness, skill, fluidity of the guy in the white gi. Thanks,


A classic match between two legends of the art!

found this HL on youtube

 Holy Sheeeyot what an awesome rivalry those two have....Leozinho is the fuggin mang!

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That ADCC match is complete insanity.