Cool NEW Kaminari Dojo T-shirt Designs

Check out these 2 new Kaminari Dojo T-shirt designs we have coming out soon!     


I remember a couple years ago a lot of people here on the Underground liked our design but it was hard to get since they were being sourced in Japan.

Now, that I made the move back to the U.S., I can get them to anyone interested at American prices.

If you would like to order one of these cool new designs,email me at:

info at kaminaridojo dot com

T-shirt: $25

Sweat Shirt: $40

Hoodie: $50 S&H:

$10 for Domestic U.S. orders. 

Pics finally uploaded above. TTT.



They're too small, can you upload a bigger size?

 Yep, we can do international orders for a little extra on the shipping. Here are some bigger pictures of the designs:

very cool!!!!



Sorry, I don't have any pics of the finished t-shirts yet.

Very nice & original for a change

Other than a glaring lack of swastikas and dobermans, they are excellent.