Cool next-gen animation/AI tech

I remember first seeing a preview of this company's stuff a year or so ago and it seemed very promising, especially for stuff like football games. The guys making the next-gen Indiana Jones game are implementing it in some cool ways and this could be the next big step in more realistic, free-form games.

Basically, it's a kind of animation/physics model combined with AI to make people behave and react realistically when they fall, are hit, etc.

Ya I remember seeing that a while ago, looks incredible. Can't wait to play some football games with that.

The video is not of the Indiana Jones demo, it's of an old clip from the company making the tech.

The AI involved in the current demos described in the article is stuff like guys intelligently breaking their falls, trying to grab stuff to hang on to, twisting to land right, etc.

True. The IGN guys saw it demo'd firsthand by the LucasArts guys, but I suppose it could have been pre-programmed.