Cool Photos of Conor With His Fans

Tyron looks vulnerable. McGregor's got a larger fist. No wonder he has so much demonstrable striking prowess.

Conor and Tyron appear about the same size... 

Tyron don't want none of that McGoat fist. Like running head first into an asteroid only worse. 

You would think Woodley would be much bigger than Mcgregor until they're right next to each other.
Especially back stage of the weigh ins on embedded

Mcgregor saw him, immediately sized him up and didn't feel threatened at all.

Granted, it was at the peak of Woodley's cut but still... Very shocking. Phone Post 3.0

Khabib is taller than Conor? Phone Post 3.0

Gñe - Khabib is taller than Conor? Phone Post 3.0
Shoes vs no shoes, maybe. Phone Post 3.0