Cool Pic???

Is it me or is this a cool pic of Dana, Randy, and Chuck? Dana looks like a badd ass God Father type with Chuck and Randy as his Hit Men.

Dana looks like he hasn't seen sunshine in a very long time...


even tho i thought they could have gotten someone with a sports background, i like the second pic with willa better


Willa is smoking hot. BOOBage!!!!BOOBage!!!!

Excuse me, I'll be back in 5 minutes... probably even less than that runs to toilets

Willa is hot as hell but does nothing on the show as of right now.Hopefully we see more of her as the show goes on.

She is definitely HOT!!!!!!!


She can definetely get it..

Do you Dana has his hand up Willa's ass in that second pic? She looks kinda happy there.

When they showed the closeup of Couture's face when the Canuck wanted to quit, he looked like he ate nails and shit thunder.