Cool stuff 2...

One last update for late April:

I have set a date for the Level One Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Martial
Arts Instructor's course:

Monday through Friday, September 13 through 17, 2004, 9am to
5pm each day.

Just as I organized my BJJ training, I have organized my JKD and
FMA training into a logical and structured progression.

I am about to teach my heart out with this new course! This course
will definitely lay a foundation for instructor's to build off of. I look
forward to presenting it to the general public!

Additionally, I will be posting the course curriculum in May.

Roy Harris more thing:

I will be hosting a couple firearms courses this summer. One
course will be a basic firearms course. The second will be more of
a tactics course.

The course will be taught by Mr. D. Darrow. Mr. Darrow is a
student at the academy. However, he is an expert in firearms
because of his training and his 10+ years of experience on a SWAT
team (SRT).

His unit is one of the most highly trained SWAT units in the US.
They train 40+ hours per week, every week. Plus, they do their
own R&D! (For those of you who are involved in this line of work,
you know that training is one of your most crucial elements. Some
of you have to take calls and/or reports. These guys do not have
to take any calls or write any reports. They train Monday through
Friday, 6am to 3pm. Plus, they get to do their own R&D, which
means less bureaucracy involved in their techniques and tactics!)

Mr. Darrow has taught the basic course once before. He will teach
this informative course again and then follow it up with a second
course that will focus on home safety and the use tactics of
firearms within the home. These two courses will definitely be an
eye opener.

I will have more info for you in a couple of weeks.

Roy Harris

What is R&D?

Research and Development

Several years ago, I got a chance to train with this group of twelve
individuals. It was definitely an eye opening experience. I got to
see how each one of them had a particular skill in a very specific
area, as well as watch them work together as a team.

Plus, I've had a chance to take a couple of hands-on lock picking
courses from one of them. And, when I finished, they gave me my
own set of tools and manual. Recently, one of them gave me
another tool that was designed to help me develop
efficiency with certain surreptitous entry methods.

I feel very fortunate to know many of these individuals. If you met
a couple of them on the street, you might not be able to guess
what they do for a living.

I've talked with these guys about their research and development
and I must say it does sound intriguing. I mean, they've hung
from helicopters with Rangers, blown holes in walls, made entries
and cleared rooms with Seals, knife fought with numerous high
caliber blade instructors, grappled with several Brazilians and
gone through just about every kind of course out there. I am sure
when the fecal matter hits the blades, these guys will be ready!

If you have the chance to take the first and second course with Mr.
Darrow, I highly recommend that you do it. (FYI, the first course is
a requirement for the second.)

Roy Harris

Roy - funny you speak of learning covert and surreptitous entries. A few months ago I took a class on C&S entries from a Carey and Assoc. group. The lead instructor served for quite a few years with some tactical teams in CA. I wonder if these guys were trained by the same person?