Cool stuff to buy and places to go in Japan?

Looking for some amazing things to buy( memorabilia etc) and places to go in Japan? Phone Post 3.0

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In Tokyo:
Akihabara for electronics and anime/manga related items. Ameyoko market (near Ueno station) for clothes. Jinbocho for books and antique prints -- and, a bit further down the same road, for sports equipment. (There are a couple of large bookstores in Shinjuku and near Tokyo Station, though.) Ginza is probably where your wife/girlfriend will like to go shopping; it's also a decent place for dinner and drinks. Tsukiji market for seafood.

In Osaka: The area between Namba station and Honmachi station has pretty much everything, from the mundane to the truly bizarre.

All of the other cities are smaller and simpler than that, with well-defined shopping and market areas.

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Not sure about the Tokyo club scene but one member is rumored to be connected with some international DJs. Maybe he'll know who's spinning and can get you on the VIP list.

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