Cool Zone vest for summer hunting

 Inside Cooling Vest

Anyone have any experience with these vests?  They are supposed to cool to 55 degrees for 4 hours by placing them in ice water for 20 minutes.  I am interested in one for summer hog hunting.  Any ideas?

Looks great, but I wonder how long the cool lasts on a September day in Texas :)

They say 4 hours. I am going to try one and will let you know what I think.

Please do.

Awesome, fren

 so did u ever try it,and if so how did it work?

I never did buy one. We had such a cool summer comparatively, up until a week or so ago, that I did not buy one.

Now, our hogs moved off to nearby corn field, so, it would be hard to hunt them. Next year, we are planting corn so we can get some this time of year.

Also, I've had several family hardships and have not been able to hunt like I would have liked to.

Altogether, my plans for purchasing a vest did not come together.

I got a Filson strap vest a while back and added a belt to it. It can still fit over a coat and is cool enough for Texas in September.