coolest octagon entrance!

I think Batman's dancing skills are on par with Anderson and Rashad's!

BJ Penn to IZ remix 4 sure!

Obviously the coolest entrance ever was Joe Son laboring to get the cross ring side.

Seriously though if you think that entrance of Peligrino's was particularly cool you are easily amused. Check a guy like Genki for real entrances.

CroCop's first UFC appereance... to PRIDE's theme song

that was fucking awesome !

perhaps my thread title lacked a little on this one, but thanks for breaking down the X's and O's on ring entrances SOLDAT! Seriously though, if you think that entrance of Peligrino's wasn't particularly cool you aren't easily amused. Until then, Peligrino...ROCK ON!!

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Genki Sudo with the mask and the fan.


genki sudo had the best entrances in ufc and k1