Coolest red dead glitch youve seen so far?

My two picks are riding on an invisible horse and once happening to pass a cloud that seemed to be raining horses...odd

they were showing some on aots. theres a place where people are flying around like birds. and then there's the goat lady that you can ride around on.

It was a donkey lady

Tidbits - It was a donkey lady

that was it.

encountered an amusing bug yesterday. I'm in the saloon in Armadillo, and hear some banging/crashing sounds outside, and i see a stationary horse and cart, where the horses hooves are stuck in the ground, and the cart is bouncing up and down behind it like some mexican lowrider on pneumatic suspension. the driver abandons it, so i try to drive the damn thing to see if i can get it unstuck. Boy did i ever. As i whip the horse, the cart bounces more and more and suddenly takes off like a catapult, launching me up on to the roof of the saloon, and the horse and cart end up on a balcony.

I got down from there, and saw it happen to two other drivers, getting lanuched through the air and killed from the landing.

I looted the bodies and went on my way.

I dropped a dude on the train tracks, and instead of the train smooshing him, the train got stuck on him.

I met SteveW in game. (FRAT)

So I come up on this guy standing along in the middle of the desert. I get off my horse and go stand next to him and stare at him, just to see what he will do. Suddenly, he bolts over to my horse and gets on. He doesn't ride away or anything. Just sits there.

I call my horse, who immediately bucks the guy off. He hits the ground, bounces back up, runs right back over to my horse and gets on him again. So I whistle again. Same things happens.

I decide to lasso the guy which works, but there is no way to pull him off the horse. Eventually I got him bucked off again and was able to get back on the horse before he could. He just turned around and started to walk back into the desert. Weird.