coolest wow video ive seen lately

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seriously cool.

70 pally runs through SM Cath and aggros the whole instance, runs in
aggros the boss, then kills them all at the same so cool, but im

pretty cool, i wish i had the patience to lvl a pally

I did this about a month ago. All the frostbolts you resist and they hit you for like 20damage a piece.

Back in the old days when the Ravager procc'ed it would have a 100% SoC proc on every hit.

"pretty cool, i wish i had the patience to lvl a pally"

I'll agree with that! Man, compared to Hunters/locks, it takes a fucking eternity.. I'm 53 now, and I can see the gravy coming (2000crits with SoC), but it's so long to get there.

Awesome clip. so hard to know which way to go with a pally.. Each tree has good offerings.

I think I made it to lvl 12 before I deleted mine

Well put together video...

Any one who has done instances with me is used to seeing that kinda Aggro anyway.