Coors Banquet beer is my go to beer

IPA’s give me the shits and hangovers like a mother fucker.


you realize there is a world of beer between those two categories right?

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Great beer. Under appreciated.


No can defense?

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1987 wants its beer back, bro!


I don’t remember them calling it Banquet Beer back in the day

If you’re ever in Colorado, take the brewery tour in Golden. The banquet beer they let you sample was the best beer Ive ever had. I dont even like Coors in general.


Oh really?

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Good 'ol American lager will always be my go-to.

I like other types of beer on occasion…and the Guinness in Ireland is life-changing good!

But if I can only drink one beer forever
…is in this ballpark.

Not too heavy, and ultimately refreshing.

An ice cold lager is probably the most refreshing drink on Earth.


You’re right. I never called it Banquet until the last few years. We called it Brown Label or Coors Heavy.

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I’m pretty sure they called it Coors Original. I liked Coors Extra Gold more but all those Coors beers pretty much suck to me. Coors is for whores.

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Agree to disagree.

I’ll take a 30 pack of these too!

If we are just talking mass produced piss lagers like Coors, Bud etc… then Modelo Negra with a touch of lime is the most refreshing and best tasting one on a hot day!

30-packs of Miller High Life for $22 is my go to cheap lager though.

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I used to drink HighLife.
But it has an after taste to me now.
Add a squirt of lime juice and it’s a poor man’s Corona.

I do like Modelo, regular though, and from a bottle.
Lime optional.
Negra is great on tap in a frosted mug.

I like mass produced lagers myself.
To me it generally tastes like beer is supposed to taste.
Schlitz is a good one too!


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Also enjoy PBR.


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Fair enough, I’m honestly not really opinionated about what cheap lagers people drink.

None of them are in the top 200 of best beers I’ve had yet I still drink boatloads of High Life and know it sucks like all the other cheap lagers compared to real beers.

Yeah I like all the mass produced cheap lagers to a degree but saying it tastes like beer is supposed to taste is something I can’t relate to.

Its like saying McDonalds tastes like food is supposed to taste.

Its just what you have been conditioned to accept as beer but its the Wendy’s or McDonalds of beer. Relatively cheap and available everywhere and its what everyone grew up on.

I’ll eat Wendy’s and like it if I’m hungry and I’ll drink cheap lager and like it if I want to relax and catch a little buzz but I know there are foods and beers out there that are 1000x better than Wendy’s and cheap lagers and I enjoy them 1000x more.

A good cold yellow belly on a hot day…ain’t nothing wrong with that!