Cop Beats elderly man (VIDEO)

And by BEAT I mean RESCUED him from a burning car while off duty.

Isolate incident Im sure :)

That man would be dead if it wasnt for the cop.

Newly released surveillance video shows the moment an off-duty New York state police officer rushed back into a fire to save a man who had crashed into a gas pump.

New York State Police Senior Investigator John Vescio was pumping gas at a Mobil gas station near White Plains, N.Y., last week when a speeding car came crashing into the pump station.
"I actually went to look up and see what was going on and next thing I knew the pump was coming down on me," Vescio said. "The impact was very sudden and very quick."

Vescio escaped just as the gas pump began to burst into flames. When he looked back at the scene, he saw the elderly driver of the crashed car stuck inside. Vescio rushed back to the flames.

"He was not responsive, I found, when I got to the car," Vescio said. "He was pretty much helpless."

The driver of the vehicle, who was not identified, had gone into diabetic shock, according to police.

Vescio dragged the man out of the car by his shirt and then returned to the car once again to retrieve a first aid kit.

Both Vescio and the driver of the crashed car escaped without injury."

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