Cop/Fedor Signed Yet?

What are they waiting on?

Fedor is on vacation in January, so he will not be fighting on the February card. If Crocop wants to fight, he will be fighting somebody else.

Fedor on vacation for a month???

Sounds like is is just as gooda "ducker"

as he is a fighter........

Hey Fedor,

You got the ball now dude, RUN with it!!!!!

Did Mino take a "vacation" when you were waiting to fight him?......Hell no!!!

Did Vanderlei take a "vacation" when Rampage and Hunt were waiting to fight him?......Hell no!!!

I can see right now, that we have another f'king "Milkman" to put up with.......

Smokin'Guns is smoking some serious shit. Pass the crack yo.

He has ALREADY ducked Cop twice.

"Igor, My Fumb".......(the last time)

Now, who's smoking crack?