Cop Flips Pregnant Woman's car for not stopping fast enough

After watching some videos from down South, I’m not sure, can’t imagine pitting someone at 120 mph

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This is fucking insane.

Car had 4 occupants, including the mom. The mom died.

We don’t know if the mom was involved in the shop lifting or was an unwilling participant in the theft. And we won’t know because she is dead.

What if the thieves had kidnapped someone? They deserve to die too?

Cops are not judge, jury and executioners.

I am pro-leo, but this is nuts.


I will from now on when being pulled am going to slam my brakes and stop right in the middle of the fucking road and collect the POS cop in my mirror. Then I’ll say, "You rear-ended me! You’re were tailgating! I am suing you for reckless endangerment and attempted murder!

Anyone surprised that so many OGers are concentrating on race here?

I’m not surprised that instead of participating in the thread like a normal person, you just came in to snark at people. What was the last post you made that wasn’t just negatively bitching about what other people on here say?


The cop sounds like he’s got an IQ of around 80 tops. If you employ people that stupid as cops this shit is gonna happen


I know that stretch of road Arkansas. It is a busy part of a highway with a small shoulder. I don’t blame her one bit for not stopping on the side of that highway.


What a piece of shit that cop is. He should be fired and charged with aggravated assault. He walks up to the flipped car so nonchalant.


This one is tougher for me for 2 reasons. There was a crime other than speeding committed, albeit not a serious crime, and the criminal knew he was being chased and was actively endangering countless lives by knowingly running from cops at high speed. Still seems too dangerous to the public for the crime they were trying to stop, but a more difficult decision than the first video, imo.