Cop hit by friendly fire, discharges gun

Nevada Cop Shoots Suspect After Being Accidentally Hit By Deputy's Taser - YouTube

Reno, Nevada — A Reno Cop accidentally shot with a stun gun, accidentally discharged his firearm, hitting a suspect in the shoulder, officials said. According to Deputy Chief Tom Robinson, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office asked Reno police for help on July 26 to assist in a traffic stop. When police arrived, they found deputies pointing stun guns at a 43-year-old Reno resident who wasn’t complying with commands. The WCSO deputy fired his Taser at the suspect, missed him, and hit a Reno Police officer in the knee. The officer then fired his weapon, striking the suspect in the shoulder. Officers and deputies provided first-aid until medics arrived. The suspect was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The officer was also taken to the hospital to have the Taser probe removed from his knee. The suspect was cited for reckless driving and obstructing an officer.

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Nothing like the panicked screeching of that female officer to deescalate things in a FUBAR situation.


It’s kinda funny though the perp was the only calm one there. The cops shoot themselves then shoot him

cops are taser happy. There wasn’t really a need for that

Reno 911

Lol. Talk to me! Tell me your address! You're gonna be ok! Talk to me! 



Please tell me most of them are getting fired…

Hope Reno is insured. That dude is probably gonna get paid.

Geez that woman needs to calm the fuck down and find a new line of work

Literally Reno 911

Keystone cops.  Just imagine the quality of officers in 5 or 10 years from now. 

Lol so one cop decided it was a lethal force situation even tho everyone else thought taser would suffice.  He also must have had his finger on the trigger. Then they decided to circle the perp not understanding hmm maybe thats a bad idea lol.

PeoriaBJJ - 

Hope Reno is insured. That dude is probably gonna get paid.

It would seem like it.

Yes, dude was a douchebag who wasn’t “complying with commands”, but he was totally non-violent (verbally or physically), and was otherwise conversational and polite.

I don’t think “Ooops, sorry for shooting you” will be good enough…