Cop KO. vid

Dunno if this has been posted before.

Ive seen it, and I hope that man dies a slow horrible death. The officer survived the assault, but is now brain damaged.

Officer is not brain damaged, however she had to have her face reconstructed with Titanium plates. I think she was back on the job less then 6 months later.

And I agree with you that that dude should be killed.

I wish it was 50 years in the future, running man style.

They should just set up a series of matches for this dude.





and if he makes it through that you film some green screen vaction shit then fry his ass.

I remember this one...pretty shocking.

so what happened to the (insert racial epithet here) that did that?

I'm surprised noone has made any comments about women being beat cops without backup or a partner. what i want to know is why was the guy out of his car? and if there was a perp out of his car and she was going to make an arrest or detainment why didnt she have backup there? why didnt she already have her gun our mace or club out?

That video made me sick, that one really bothered me. Hard to watch, yet I was a deer in headlights and could not turn away, horrible video.

Guy has an eternity of pain waiting for him in hell.

"Not the typical scenario for danger, IMO."

It may not have seemed that way on the surface but if someone is being put into cuffs that should automatically take it out of the "routine traffic stop" scenario. Plus arent cops trained to always view every situation as dangerous and that there really is no routine traffic stop.

The "offender" got 80 years - should have got the death penalty. The courts ruled that HE WAS NOT TRYING TO KILL HER? Sentenced for felony assault and battery of a LEO. Multiple offender.

I feel worst of all for his child. Being a father myself I couldnt imagine doing something like that in front of my son.

Pretty nasty beating. I'm glad she stayed on the job though and hopefully she's a little more weary.

1991 was a fucked up year

his reasoning "i cant go to jail"

Maybe stop commiting crimes?

Sick stupid peice of shit.

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"Women should not be cops."

110% correct. As chauvanistic as it sounds, it's so correct. Take most any harm-intending 6' 4" , 240 lb male against ANY female cop 1 on 1 and you have a dead female cop.

this guy gets 60 years for beating a cop up?

that's a tad harsh.

and death penalty? man you guys are very vengeful.

What he did was fucked up.. but no way he deserves 60 years for felony assault.

STFU, Yoshida! Life in prison is the only adequate penalty for that kind of crime.

I would not have cared if that happened to a guy cop.

I would still care if it was a guy and I would still be out for serious blood.

That is imo attempted murder, e didnt check to see if she was even alive and i guarantee he didnt call 911 to say hey i just saw a cop lying on the ground. it wasnt like it was even one punch either he knocked her out with the first punch and then got right on her and hit her several more times. that guy was pretty big but even if that was me that type of shot would not have knocked me out and i woudl have been able to atleast hold him off from KO'ing me long enough to get either my gun or spray or something out to end him. and yes if i was that cop i would have shot him (in the throat if i could) if i had the opportunity

I cannot believe the UG cannot even unanimously decide that this motherfucker is a piece of shit and is a waste of space on this earth.

Evilyoshida, are you fucking kidding me.

"Women should not be cops."

"110% correct. As chauvanistic as it sounds, it's so correct. Take most any harm-intending 6' 4" , 240 lb male against ANY female cop 1 on 1 and you have a dead female cop."

That's definately a big dude, but honestly, I'm 5'10 185 pounds and I could have easily kicked that cops ass too. Females are just too weak for hand to hand combat with men.

I have no problem with them being cops but for fucks sake give them a male partner for this type of situation.

Also, assaulting a police officer is a very serious crime, especially since that cop was in uniform and attempting to make an arrest. It's one thing if you get in a fight at a club and it happens to be an off duty cop you beat up.

I agree that assault on police should carry a very stiff penalty, we as tax payers pay these people to keep us safe and enforce the laws passed by our congress. We may not always agree with those laws and yes, some cops are shit bags, but we need to support our law enforcement because they are trying to protect us.