Cop loses BJJ match on side of highway VID


Nice moves. I wonder how far he made it.

I remember watching a video here a while ago of cops doing doing some sort of cuffing exercise against a bjj guy. The bjj guy was able to get the upper hand pretty easily by feigning compliance and then whipping around and coming up into a single and dumping the cop, worked pretty much every time.

never gave it any thought but putting the cuffs on must be considered the most dangerous time of an arrest eh?

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I’m 99% sure that is OGer @Jed lmao!

I laughed so hard at this shit.

Hopefully he is putting those skills to work against Bubba in jail

Jumping on the hood was a smart play.

I was just telling someone the other day that there is a soft spot in many officer’s hearts for people that steal patrol cars.

I’m glad the cop is ok but they are talking mad shit about him back at the office lol.

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"The suspect was able to get away and jump into the trooper’s vehicle, taking off. The suspect led police on a chase along I-69 in Hamilton and Madison Counties before crashing into a semi-truck in the area of 53rd Street and Scatterfield in Anderson.

The ISP said the suspect ran to a nearby McDonalds and tried to steal another car, but the car’s owner fought him off. The suspect tried to run away but was apprehended shortly afterward. The suspect is now in custody. No injuries were reported. "

What was he wanted for?


According to a different article, “…traffic cameras caught a suspect looking into an abandoned car at around 2:45 p.m. that was on the side of Interstate 69…”.

Probably a junkie looking for something to steal out of an abandoned vehicle…

Really? Why?

The new GTA looks impressive.

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Thanks. I was wondering if it was his vehicle. Still shocked he went that route though. Maybe he busted the window out?

Really? Cops are harassing people now because they looked through a cars windows?

That makes it even funnier that he whooped his ass and took his car.

Damn gummit needs to keep its nose out of peoples business.

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That was like some Barney Fife shit. Hey Im gonna arrest you for looking at that car! Then gets his ass handed to him like a Trump supporter in 2020.

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Uhhhh… get back in the car?