Cop shoots and kill neighbors dog with pellet gun

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The DOJ is hardly a law enforcement friendly source. The data is driven directly from statistical data of arrests, provided to the UCR. there is literally to way to “cook the books.” Do you really think Merrick Garland and Eric Holder are protecting the police? You have no clue. They fucking hate the police.

muh boy Officer GregBrady

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Many people who characterize all police as inherently bad are delusional and speak in platitudes because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Every cop is required by law and agency policy to report abuse and corruption. In addition, every interaction in my state with a police officer and the public must be captured on body worn camera. So exactly what specific abuse and corruption do you allege is going unreported, or unchecked and please be specific.

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They shouldn’t let it go. That’s cop would be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life if he shot my dog and killed it. I’d probably shoot him with a pellet gun in the face as many times as I could


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I didn’t characterize anyone as inherently bad. I said they can all fuck off. Just like you can fuck off. People who can’t read or form coherent sentences like to categorize others as delusional out of insecurity stemming from their stupidity. You must be a cop to be this stupid.

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This is an overly romantic take on police work. That being said, if you want take credit for heroic acts of other officers you also have to take responsibility for the shitheads.


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Didn’t watch the video BUT i’ll just say, if you don’t like dogs you’re probably a scumbag.

I don’t give one flying shit if neighbors dogs wander into my yard. They’re fucking dogs. They don’t understand property lines… I actually will make sure my dog is inside so they don’t get into a fight and even play with the dog. Dogs are a fuck ton cooler than people are…


I take responsibility for myself and the men and women in my charge. I don’t take credit for others success and I don’t own their failure. Everything I wrote is verifiable fact.

Is a doctor responsible for another Dr’s malpractice? Is a cab driver responsible for another cabbie’s accident? What the fuck are you talking about?

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If you want to be judged as an individual why are you running to the defence of this shithead? Denounce this dingus along with us. No need to publicly fillate your other cop buddies because you all share a job title. We all know lots of nice guys.


What exactly gave you the impression I was defending him in any way sir? Please explain. You seem so eager to jump to conclusions by framing my take on this incident you clearly didn’t read what I said. If you have read many of my posts on this forum you would know I’m really far away from being a police apologist and I definitely don’t think that the police always get it right. I’ve been in the minority of many debates about police conduct and use of force, even recently.

My remarks about policing as a whole were in response to statements that police officers are generally prone to misbehavior on a wide scale which is absolutely unsupported by any facts regarding the matter and there is clear statistical data to show otherwise. What people classify as widespread abuse is based on their feelings and antidotal anomalies.

This should really set Angry Inch off.

Jesus was a fag

I don’t think he said that.

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I was paraphrasing

I don’t think the idiot meant to kill the dog.

I agree. He was most likely trying to haze the dog to keep it off his property. It still qualifies as animal cruelty in most states.