Cop shoots another "aggressive" dog, caught on vid


The video makes me sick. Here's another family pet being shot 3x by a cop.

won't watch the vid.   details?

Cop claims the pitbull was aggressive, shoots it. I didn't see any sign of aggression in video

Barbasol OOTFFTT - Cop claims the pitbull was aggressive, shoots it. I didn't see any sign of aggression in video

dog was wagging tail and smiling, cop had to have been pretty far from it.  couldn't tell from the video but it looked like there were two dogs standing next to each other looking identical and he decided to shoot one of them

the crazy thing is, like someone said in another thread, before cameras this would likely be written up in the newspaper or reported as "cop forced to shoot down aggressive beast."


with the camera being the great equalizer, i really wonder how long society will give police the presumption that their actions are correct.  I hope more people, like this family, question the police and ask for the recordings or incidents.


even police officers say that cameras are a good idea.  accountability makes bad cops go away.  even the ones whose cameras are conveniently broken or in for service - that can only happen so many times.

Who are we to question this officer of the law?

His only concern is getting home safely to his family.

So if the cop says it was acting aggressive before this, where is his lapel video of that? Why is there only video of the shooting? Phone Post 3.0

That cop didn't go into their backyard or in their home and shoot that lethal weapon it was outside roaming freely.

I have absolutely no problem with them shooting the one dog and wish they would have shot the rest of them.

That broad should be charged with reckless endangerment for letting those killers get out of the yard.

Four pitbulls roaming freely in a residential neighborhood is nothing but a potential disaster.

don't care, the owners look like scumbags anyways