Cop tackles 11 year old girl at school

I love how people assume that all the child did was take an extra milk.  Guaranteed there is a lot more going on with the child's behavior.

America started losing it's way when they stopped letting teachers smack around their unruly children.  The kids face no consequense of significance until things have gotten far past the point they should have, and when they are finally faced with consequense, the public condemns the application of consequense because it seems over the top due to the lack of context.

FRAT version.   Beat your kids when they fuck up for a better society.  

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Non-compliance is what leads to this.

Listen to the officer and do as instructed or else youre going to get body-slammed.

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Kid is probably an asshole, raised by asshole parents.


A perfect example of how hard it is to restrain any human being who refuses to comply. This is why cops use choke holds and those are far from perfect.

For those saying his pride got the best of him, its not pride its frustration.

I keep saying, this behavior is essentially genetic within police culture.  They just can't help themselves.  No matter how many cameras are on them, no matter how many protests and riots are happening because of this type of behavior, no matter how much "training" they've had, to them it is just normal behavior and they just can't help themselves. 

grafzep - A perfect example of how hard it is to restrain any human being who refuses to comply. This is why cops use choke holds and those are far from perfect.

For those saying his pride got the best of him, its not pride its frustration.

nah, pride, ego, and a toxic police culture. 

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Its obvious no one wants you to put your hands on anyone,  especially a kid.  Call a social worker and let them pander to these retards.

Good, that kid probably grew up not being spanked

Is she alive?

Was she seriously injured or hospitalized?


Nothing to see here.

ID probably be kicking the shit out of high school kids everyday if i worked qround them.

I have a 13yo daughter and want to put her head thru a wall at least once or twice a week


There are 2 cops in the USA for every man woman & child in the city of Boston.

I’m sure some are molesters or seriel killers.

And I’m

Sure there will be videos of savage police officers out online every month of every year for the rest of our lives.

And this will be damn if evidence to the mathematically illiterate.

But sadly that’s most.

And they will not see the irony of statement like

“Cops stereotype blacks. And cops are violent!”

Smart people look at facts.

Not anecdotal evidence.

I’m aware of this so I look at actual numbers so I can masquerade as a smart person.

I offer than many of u should

Do the same.

Yes that cop Is terrible.

As is Derek Chauvin,

But posting videos of black people committing crimes tells us nothing about george Floyd is they are not George floyd.

As putting up videos of individual cops commuting crimes tells us nothing about cops.

It’s quite easy to find out is cops actually are racist to black peopl.

Just search the numbers,

boxing wiz -

   It's interesting how people view an incident so differently. I'm truely interested in how people view things so differently. While the Cop made plenty of mistakes, I think the kid is mostly to blame. For everyone seeing this as the Cop's fault, why do you give no blame to the girl?  Why didn't the girl listen to any of the teachers or school staff? Clearly she has a problem respecting any authority. It reached a level to where the school called for an Officer. I wonder if anyone attempted to call her parents first, 11 years old is still young enough that they should be involved. When the Officer arrives and girl is still not respecting authority and begins resisting, the Officer had decided to cuff her to remove her from the school. I doubt her only issues were taking an extra milk and picking at a sign, I would bet she has a patten of not behaving properly. I'd like to hear more of the kids history, but doubt we will. 

  Now the Cop I think was trying to not be too physical, but he let things get out of hand. When it became the wrestling match he lost all control of the situation. He should have tried a more diplomatic approach first. I'm not completely disgusted though. He didn't beat her with a club or anything. Had the kid listened to ANYONE, situation wouldn't have occured. The kid must be held accountable too, but it doesn't appear she ever will be. Expect her to have many more issues in her future.

Well said. This kid has zero respect. This is just the beginning of a shitty life for her.

This is a parenting issue, period. An 11 year old child should absolutely listen and comply with anything a cop tells them in these situations. No I don’t mean they should suck his cock if he tells them to do so. But we can twist these situations any way we want and I’m sure we can highlight terrible cops, but nothing changes the fact the the vast majority of parents are completely negligent in their duties and have been for at least 25-30 years. Very few kids today know how to act or speak in public and have a contempt for authority that simply won’t work in civil society. 

I watched the 1st 30 seconds. I don’t get it. Simply call her parents. You need to come pick up your child from school now. If parents don’t (won’t) come pick her up, call social services (not police). Your child is not welcome back at school.

Unfortunately, school is not only mandatory, but it’s considered “a right”. It should be treated like a privilege. To allowed to attend public (“free”) school, you should be expected to, at the VERY least, behave yourself. If not? Either get home-schooled or attend a private school that is being PAID to put up with your bullshit.

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MarcusAurelioFan -

This is why they don't want cops in schools. 

Well maybe if 95% of the black kids weren’t animals and had parents raise them correctly you wouldn’t need police but let’s stay clear of that. 

Price of forced integration. What did you expect? You force an entire people to integrate against their will, behave in a manner in which they dont want to, and respect a value system thats not their own.

The democriminals go balls deep on the lowering of academic and behavioral standards…its now acceptable for everyone to act like a ghetto asshole.

Accordingly, you get cops in school.

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I see the 11 year old girl is here down voting sensible posts. lol

Pugilist82 - 
dangerboy12 - 

I know people are bashing the cop, which I understand, but how would you deal with this girl who physically resisted you without manhandling her? She's obviously not going to listen to anyone.

It’s a minor misdemeanor, even adults don’t get handcuffed and arrested for stuff like that. I think that’s what people are mad at. If she had stabbed another student or something, I can see it, but she drank 50c worth of milk, it’s not exactly the crime of the century.

Its a misdemeanor until you start actively resisting.

If people would just follow instructions instead of trying to fight police I think it would lower the instances of these types of situations.

But to each his own.

In the cop's defense, what is he supposed to do?  The girl doesn't let him handcuff her.  And any time he tries forcing her into being cuffed she resists while shrieking and crying that he is hurting her.  And of course the reaction of any one seeing it is "oh my god, you are hurting that child".  

Aside from a better universe in which the situation didn't develop in the first place, what is he supposed to do?